Hi Honey!!

Sending you some pictures of the girls! We love them so much!!

They are so good with the kids!!


Mia ,Logan & Emmie


This is Lobo, which means "wolf" in Spanish. It is a funny combination since he is such a sweet dog. I wanted to give him a Spanish name just to bring back some of his heritage. Sometimes we speak to him in Spanish, so hopefully he'll become a bilingual dog! ha ha.

Lobo is doing great! He is such a nice dog, very friendly, and he really likes people. He's also quite bright, and can easily pick up on things and is learning quickly. He's not yappy at all. He's a great companion to both me and my fiancé, and he's a joy to have. My fiancé is committed and has fallen for Lobo, saying, that "he is such an insanely good dog"! He wins over everybody he meets, even those people who aren't fans of animals or dogs in general!

I just wanted to share that with you and give you an update on how great he's doing.

Cate & Lobo

My little "Chi Chi" is doing great. Everyone loves her. She has a wonderful personality and goes everywhere with me.

She is our ‘barkless’ Chihuahua. She is very well socialized and I guess has no reason to bark. She will whine however if the car is cold. She doesn't like the cold.

Thank you for this lovely little dog.


Chi Chi


I bought Sophia as a playmate for my other dog. Well, that did not go as well as planned as she spends more time with me then my shadow. Even now as I write to you she is nestled behind me in my chair.

Sophia has such a peculiar personality it is frightening. I never knew a dog could hold a grudge when mad or cry when sad. This makes it hard to scold her as I never know how she will react.

I have no idea how you made her so unique, but thank you.


Thanks so much for Max, he is a great dog. When he wants something he talks to me and lets me know. It’s really cute when does this. He always lets me know when he needs to go outside, or if he just wants to play.

He always stays close to me. Max likes to snuggle up to me when I am sitting or sleeping. When people he doesn’t know come over he becomes my little protector.

He barks at them to let me know someone is there that doesn’t belong. But when he knows they are okay he goes back to being very loving and friendly.

Max is great dog.

Thanks again,



I purchased my beautiful puppy from you in early January.

It was after my birthday and I have to say Zoey was the best birthday gift ever.

My fiancé and I love her and she has the most wonderful disposition.

Every day is a pleasure and she has brought so much joy into our home.


Our puppy, who we named Mushu, is THE CUTEST thing in the world. We all love him so much and treat him like a prince.

We are so happy we got him. He is very playful and has friends all around town. When Mushu is sleepy he likes to cuddle and have his tummy petted. He loves to sleep on the top of our couch like a little kitten, which we all find incredibly adorable.

Mushu is our baby and we enjoy spoiling him and giving him all the love in the world. Thank you so much!!!!



Agnes aka Cupcake
Agnes is great, she is the dearest little girl I could possibly imagine, sooo many people are thinking of getting their own "cupcake". She is really good, seems very smart.

I can't praise your breeding abilities enough, she is the most amazing little dog. I never imagined I could be so lucky getting such a wonderful dog. Yesterday we went to see "Harry Potter" she slept through the whole movie. so far there hasn't been any place I can't take her in her "doggie purse" which she climbs into herself if I leave it on the floor.


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