Louie is such a good boy and he has gotten us through some rainy days. He has such a playful personality and he loves to cuddle.

We can't decide if he is more cute than handsome! People are often shocked at how he is not a yippee or ankle biting Chihuahua.

Thank you so much for the best dog ever! We can't imagine life without Louie.


Good morning Honey,

Foxy is doing so good playing with her new toys. I just bought her a coat with matching hat, She’s giving kisses and looks when she hears Foxy but doesn’t come yet. She’ll get there she’s such a good girl and fast learner and is doing pretty good with her wee-wee pad too.

I love her, she comes shopping with me I cleaned out one of my Michael Kors bag and put a wee wee pad in the bottom she doesn't’ like being left home and I changed her leash to attach to her harness. It connects to the bag but she just looks around and sniffs she’s so perfect



Lulu & Yogi

Hi Honey A quick update….

Yogis’ ears are finally going up.

They eat well.

Run around until they are exhausted.

Give us some loving.

Pass out and sleep.


Hi Honey,

I bought Princess and Buddy from you 4 years ago. I am very happy with them.

They are very sweet, loving, beautiful and well behaved dogs. I don’t have any health problem with them.

I couldn’t find better place to get my Chihuahuas than Mi Doggery.

Thank you Honey for my beautiful puppies. 


Princess & Buddy


Hi Honey.

Zoey is doing great!

She loves her big brother and they are together all the time.


Hi Honey,

Scooter is such a character. Every animal I got from you is wonderful.

I'm glad I found you. And Poopsie is just the cutest little thing. Louie is stunning too. His eyes.. He's gorgeous.




Hi Honey

Scooter is comfortable with my dogs , he bosses them around already, it's pretty funny! 

He follows me everywhere

My mom thinks scooter is beautiful too! She loves his face and his ears

Scooter sleeps on my mastiff, or uses him as a step to get onto the couch!


Hi Honey

OMG! Pocket is Wonderful and doing great! She is on my lap helping me type this to her Honey Mommy!  She lights up my life! She is a little bugger. she bonded with Balto and kisses him on his face. Makita started to play with her as well. 

My boyfriend, family and friends are getting a kick out of her. For such a little pup she has a very BIG personality. She is such a joy, happy, sweet, friendly, spunky, loving and amazing pup. She is a Pocket full of Kisses..

She makes my world complete and she makes everyone smile and laugh that meets her.





Hi Honey

What can I say, she is perfect.


Hi there. 

Poopsie is doing great, I got her a week ago tomorrow already, this week flew by! 

She kinda has a mind of her own, and looks for a lap to be in. Love her!  I sleep with her

She uses the steps for the bed great, It is hard to get good pictures of.  She won’t hold still.. Haha.

I love her, She is an awesome cuddler.. 


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