We are new to the breeding of Chihuahua’s but certainly not new to breeding, having successfully bred Siamese cats for over 50 years we decided to try little dogs. We saw and immediately fell in love with a little long haired male. The search for a suitable female followed. Eighteen months later we had our first litter, four of the cutest little puppies in the world. They flew out of here like rockets.  We have since added Zorra and Munch and another male who is barely 3 pounds.  We continue to breed our ladies just once a year and they produce healthy, wonderful little bundles of happiness. joy and love.  All our Chihuahuas are vet checked and are sold with a vets health certificate, they are current on vaccines, treated for worms and CKC registered.

This is Tee-Tee. She is one of our females. She weights almost 6 pounds.

This is Munch. She is one of our females.  She weights almost 5 pounds.

This is Zorra. She is one of our females.
She weights just 5.5 pounds.

This is Nino. He is one of our new male.
He weights just 3.5 pounds.

We are located in Suffolk County on Long Island, New York. Our dogs are family members and totally spoiled. Sitting on laps and sleeping under covers on the bed is the norm for these guys. We have a large fenced back yard and they love being outdoors and running with their best friend, a Rottweiler, who thinks he is a Chihuahua.

Our puppies are raised underfoot and start going outdoors as soon as they start on solid foods. Many of them are semi-housebroken and wee-wee pad trained by eight weeks. They are all spoiled and very much people dogs. They certainly are not your typical yappy, ankle nipping, people shy Chihuahua.

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